Maryland Historical Magazine vol 1 Title Page

Maryland Historical Magazine 1906 – 2010

The Maryland Historical Magazine has been continuously published by the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, MD on a quarterly basis since 1906. The magazine strives to bring together the “professional” and the “popular” to engage a broad audience while publishing serious research on Maryland and the region. The earlier editions tended to have a more genealogical basis to them than those of the past few years.

This cooperative imaging project of the Maryland Historical Society and the Maryland State Archives is provided to the public free of charge.

A Table of Contents is published for each year in the Spring edition. An index to the year is published each year at the end of the Winter edition. A bibliography of articles has been accumulated and published in the PERSI database. You may also conduct a full search of all the manuscripts at the Maryland State Archives – You are required to submit your email address in order to login.

Maryland Historical Magazine – Currently Available Issues

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