Ministers of the Bethlehem Church, 1820-1900

Ministers of the Bethlehem Church Congregation and allied chapels, Dorchester County, Maryland, 1820-1900

  • 1787 — Taylor’s Island meeting House or Chapel “nominate supply the vacancys afsd and Cap…. and Vernon Creighton being nominated, who accepting the appointment …..
  • 1801 — Bethlehem Chapel Taylor’s Island…..
  • 1820 — Bathlehem Chapel in Dorchester County Taylors Island… the presence of David Dailey senior minister.
  • 1825 — in the presence of William Torbut senior minister
  • 1828 — Senior preacher, Charles reed
  • 1837 — Daniel Lambdin Senior preacher.
  • 1843 — William Spry Senior Preacher
  • 1850 — William Hargis Senior Preacher Scott’s Chapel near Bucktown
  • 1835 — “At a meeting August 2, 1837 of the Trustees of the meeting house called and known by the name of Scotts Chapel and at said meeting Stephen Hurst and James Mobray was duly elected to fill the vacancy occasioned by the disqualification of two of its former members Benjamin T Griffith and Aron Cook done in the presents of the preacher in charge. Daniel Lambden DDS
  • 1848 — Reverend Elijah Miller , preacher in charge at Scott’s Chapel
  • 1851 — John C Gregg, P.C. preacher in charge of Blackwater Circuit, Philadelphia Conference.
  • 1856 — Rev. Henry Sanderson, pastor
  • 1857 — Rev. Henry Sanderson senior pastor
  • 1860 — August 18 1860, Taylor’s Island Station. Levi D Travers was recognized as a local preacher. Barzillia Lane Col’d was licensed to preach. Rev. George S. May was appointed by Bishop Early to take charge of the Station until the next meeting of the Virginia Annual Conference. [Methodist Episcopal Church South] [1]p. 1 of Minute book beginning August 1860. Trustees of Bethlehem M. E. Church, Taylor’s Island made a report. p. 3 — Oct. 13, 1860. The “Trustees having at their last meeting resolved to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the M. E. Church and place the Church properly under the jurisdiction of the M. E. Church South. And having been formally received into the said “church” by Rev. Wm. G. Cross P.E. of the Virginia Conference, now recognize the Bethlehem M. E. Church property on Taylor’s Island Md. as under the jurisdiction of the M. E. Church South and themselves as members of the Same. (P. 3 of Minute book beginning August 1860.) Rev. M S Colonna pastor January, 1861. [2]p. 4, Minute book beginning August, 1860. request of the Conference that their pulpit be filled alternate Sabbaths by our Pastor the Rev. M C Colonna and that their church for the present by associated with our station. Brother Colonna should include Antiock Church with Taylors Island Station. And to fill their pulpit alternate Sabbaths. [3]p. 4, Minute book beginning August, 1860.
  • 1862 — Second Quarterly Conference for Taylor’s Island Circuit met at Taylor’s Island Bethlehem Church May 21, 1862. Was opened with singing and prayer by the Rev. B T Ames P E. Members present, Rev. M S Colonna, Pastor. Rev. B G Hull Local preacher.
  • 1863 — Second Quarterly Conference for Taylor’s island Circuit met in Bethlehem Church on Saturday, April 11, 1863. Rev. John A Williams, Pastor. Rev. B G Hull, local preacher.
  • 1865 — Quarterly Conference for Taylor’s Island circuit convened at Antioch on Saturday March 18 1865. Prayer by Rev. F A Mercer, pastor. Quarterly Conference held March 15, 1865. Rev. F. A Mercer was elected as pastor of the circuit for the ensuing year.
  • 1866 — Minutes of Quarterly Conference, 1866. Rev. James C. Martial Pastor. Levi D Travers Local preacher. Minutes of the Quarterly Conference Aprl 21, 1866. The M E Church at Tobacco Stick almost unanimously declare their withdrawal from the ME Church and there adherence to the ME Church South. Minutes of the Quarterly Conference July 21, 1866. Rev. James C. Martin Pastor. Levi D Travers local preacher.
  • 1867 — Minutes of the first quarterly conference of Taylor’s Island Circuit held at Antioch church March 11, 1867. Rev. John B Dey Pastor.
  • 1868 — Rev. John B Dey Pastor
  • 1869 — Rev. J B Dey pastor; Rev. N Chamberlin asst. pastor.
  • 1870 — Third Quarterly Conference for Dorchester Circuit was held July 15, 1870. Rev J. O. Moss Pastor. Rev. L. D Travers Local deacon. (Antioch, Joppa, Friendship, and Bethlehem)
  • 1871 — Rev. J O Moss, pastor.
  • 1872 — Joseph H. Amiss Pastor.
  • 1873 — Rev. M.S. Colonna
  • 1874 — Rev. M S Colonna
  • 1875 — Rev. M S Colonna
  • 1876 — Rev. M S Colonna
  • 1877 — Rev. J. D. Hank
  • 1878 — Rev. J. D. Hank
  • 1879 — Rev. J. D. Hank
  • 1880 — Rev. J. D. Hank
  • 1881 — Rev. W. F. Bain
  • 1882 — Rev. W. F. Bain
  • 1883 — Rev. W. F Bain pastor of Dorchester Circuit. Rev. W. F. Hay Pastor of Dorchester Mission (at Bucktown) [Sept 17, 1883, Report of Levi D. Travers, Local Deacon. As a local preacher, the sphere of my labors is very limited, being confined, almost entirely to my island home. I have preached, with the present conference year 16 times, conducted 2 funerals, baptized 6 infants and 1 adult, performed the marriage ceremony 5 times, visited the sick and dying, administered, as best I could the consolations of Religion. During the past summer I acted as Superintendent of a flourishing Sabbath School. This service has been rendered by me, with somewhat infirm health, and in the midst of many worldly cares. I have been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for more than 40 years and a local preacher for more than 30 years. I have preached, within that time more than 500 sermons, baptized 175 children and adults and married 75 couples. I have bestowed much labor in the Sabbath School and in behalf of the material welfare of the church, especially for the Methodist Episcopal Church society to which I feel devotedly attached. I feel I have done but little in my life for the cause of God and humanity; but thank God I have been permitted to work in His Vineyard. September 14th 1883.] Levi D. Travers, Local Deacon. P. 15
  • 1884 — Rev. W F Bain
  • 1884-1885 — J Carson Watson Pastor
  • 1885 — Rev. J Carson Watson
  • 1886 — Rev. J Carson Watson
  • 1887 — Rev. J Carson Watson
  • 1888 — Rev. V W Bargamin (may be minister for Bucktown in 1887 as well)
  • 1889 — Rev. V W Bargamin, pastor
  • 1890 — Rev. O. L. Martin
  • 1891 — Rev. O P Moomau
  • 1892 — Rev. D J Trayuhane (Trayuham? or Traynham
  • 1892 — Rev. Jos. G. Lennon
  • 1892 — Rev. J S Wallace
  • 1892-3 — Rev. VW Bargamin
  • 1893-1894 — Rev. A A Whitmore
  • 1894-1895 — Rev. A A Whitmore
  • 1895-1896 — Rev. A A Whitmore
  • 1894 — Rev. E.E. Harrell
  • 1894-1895 — Rev. E E Harrell
  • 1895-1896 — Rev. A A Jones
  • 1897 — Rev. J E Brooks
  • 1896-1897 — Rev. J E Brooks
  • 1898 — Rev. J E Brooks
  • 1899 — John T Moore
  • 1900 — Rev. Frederick G Davis

Register of pastors

  • W. F Hayes term of one year service Dorchester Missions Jacob B Askew , Nov. 1884, term of one year service Dorchester Missions
  • Wm A Tompkins Nov. 17, 1885, term of one year service Dorchester Missions
  • V W Bargamin Nov. 24th 1885 term of one year service Dorchester Missions

Cambridge Circuit:

  • T J Bayton Nov. 1887 one year
  • W G Bates Nov. 1888 three years
  • J S Wallace Nov. 1891 one year
  • V W Bargamin Nov. 1892 one year
  • A A Whitmore Nov. 1893 four years
  • C W Craine Nov. 1897 3 years
  • A A Whitmore Nov 1900 3 years


1p. 1 of Minute book beginning August 1860.
2, 3p. 4, Minute book beginning August, 1860.

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